Automated Gates in London

An automated gate is a power-driven gate that is operated by the user through remote control. Compared to a manual gate, electrical gates are considered to be of high security. Large businesses and million-dollar firms especially prefer these automated gates to safeguard their property. They can operate using a fingerprint sensor, keypad or a push-button in a remote control.

There are three types of automated gates in London. They are

  • Folding type
  • Swing type
  • Sliding-type

Folding type
It is a convenient type of automated gate in London. Basically, these folding types are made of several layers of strong metal hinged together. Once you switch on it, the sheet of metal expands to its fullest with the electrical power-driven to it with the intent to form a protective barrier. While the gate is open, it folds together.

Swing type
With an on and off switch in a remote, you can easily open and close the swing type automated gates in London. They are easy to install and are popularly used in residentials. It is made up of wrought iron and thus heavy. It has a relatively short driveway for the gates to open.

A sliding-type automated gate in London operates with a chain and pulley mechanism. It has small wheels to mount on the platform. Usually, you can see them in industrial parks. They are either made up of wood or aluminium and operated using a remote control.

Commercial & Residential Automated Gates

Entrance gates create a perfect first impression of the property to your visitors and guests. If you prefer the traditional one or electronic swing gates, we make it with ease and style.

Automated gates in London will provide you additional security and peace of mind as it closes automatically safeguarding your children, pets from uninvited people, intruders from outside. Steelmakers are renowned for manufacturing and installing supreme quality residential & commercial automated gates since 2001. Please choose from our expansive range of designs and materials including bright steel, aluminium and iron. Each of these materials has different properties and is used for various applications like an aluminium finish is best for the wood gates as it is durable.

Automatic Electric Gates Installation & Repair London

Installing automated gates in London can be beneficial in many ways. It improves the aesthetics and curbs appeal that complements the landscape of your property’s architecture. Automatic gates also increase the value of your property and level up the prices in the selling market. Where you require a pedestrian and vehicular accessibility, London’s automated gates will free up space in the entrance.

Steelmakers manufacture and install galvanised steel gates with black powder coating that are durable up to 50 years. For those who are on a budget, we prefer them with aluminium automated gates that have less wear and tear with use. We add style and sophistication to every piece that offers improved safety and security from sliding gates to swing gates.