Glass Railing in London

Glass is a popular choice when it comes to the railing. It is an effective alternative to wooden railings and spindles. Glass railing in London has an appealing visual, creates openness, enough space, and facilitates light inside the room. You have a variety of glass railing options like a standoff, clamped, and dadoed. These styles add luxury and value to your home.

Before choosing the glass railing, you need to check the local building code requirements on whether particular safety glass is allowed or not. For example, tempered glass is heat-treated to increase the surface strength. When it breaks, it shatters into tiny cubes. You have to consider the safety reasons while choosing to purchase it.

Unlike wood, glass railing needs only less maintenance. However, it would be best if you prevented it from getting dirty. Use a soft cloth with vinegar/soap and water to clean it. Please don’t use harsh scrubbers as it damages the entire glass.

While investing in a glass railing, you need to make wise choices considering the quality and style of the end product. Glass railings are pricer, you get what you pay for. Among the glass railing in London, dadoed is a cost-effective one for its less polishing, no drilling requirements.

Experienced Suppliers and Installers of Glass Railing in London

Generally, glass railing installation in London requires skilled labour and extreme concentration which Steelmakers are expert at. Our team supplies the supreme quality of glass railings for your interiors. Be it standoff or clamped, we custom design all types of glass railings that are perfectly installed in your place. With changing size, shape and transparency, you will get an open room or privacy through blurring or frosting the glass.

Even for businesses and companies, we have a wide range of commercial glass solutions like glass curtain walls, glass partitions, and storefront glass. More importantly, we follow the safety guidelines mentioned in the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC).

If you are looking for commercial applications, then 42” high glass railings are predominant. For residential spaces, staircases of 36” glass will be great and balconies with 39” to 42” would be perfect. Anyway, you can get customized glass railing in London from us.