Security Grilles and Gates London

Security grilles and gates are an effective way to help protect windows and doors from forced entry.  Built for a purpose incorporating many different styles and finishes. The history of security grilles and seals for doors and windows dates way back as a means of security against marauding bands. Hopefully this is less of a concern these days!

Security Gates London_Driveway Gates_Metal Gates

Steel Makers are able to offer you a wide range of security grilles for both windows and doors designed and handmade to order. If you already have a design in mind, then we will be more than happy to fulfil your design requirements. If you require us to design your security grilles then that is also available to you.

Types of Security Grilles

Security is one major thing that concerns house owners. With our massive range of security grilles in London, you will never be left out of choice. It is an effective way to protect windows and doors from forced entry. Our grilles are so strong enough to prevent you from accidents and make you secure from burglars and thefts. The common types of security grilles we use are aluminium, iron, bright steel and metal grilles.

Aluminium Grilles

Aluminium security grills are lightest among other security grilles in London. It works best for the homes which are partially made of wood.

Iron Grilles

Being a heavy metal, Iron is a potent type for security gates in London. However, the issue with iron is that it rusts easily in places with humidity and moisture.

Bright steel Grilles

Bright steel is preferably the first choice for security grilles in London. Its perfect finishing and mild steel quality have the required toughness that makes it impossible to break and bend.

Metal Grilles

Metal grilles are hand forged and polished to provide you with the elegant look. For increased security in homes, metal grilles are used. Since it has good outer finishing, it doesn’t rust easily, unlike iron grilles.

Key Features of Our Security Gates in London

Our security gates in London are famous and suitable for residential, industrial, and other public and private safety types. Both our manual and electrical gates safeguard you from the entry of intruders and unauthorized people. The key features of our electric security gates are as follows.

  • Electric sliding gates with scheduled electronic systems that have internal switches to operate the electric motor efficiently.
  • An automated motor for smooth management and control of the electric gates. Even during power cuts, you can make use of the pass key to manually operate it.
  • Our security gates in London have photocells to sense the people near the gate, thus automatically opens the door with your permission (automatic control) and doesn’t injure the person.
  • The warning devices present in London’s electric security gates provide warnings if the gate is incorrectly operated.
  • With the gate intercoms and remote access, you can control the electronic security gates’ operating functions without you actually being available around the security locations.

Take a look at our Gallery for examples of our work or contact us today for a free on site survey or if you have an enquiry for any kind of metal work.